British Interior Design

  1. Summer Breeze

    Summer Breeze

    If you’re anything like us then all this cold and wet weather is really getting on your nerves. To try and cheer ourselves up we’ve been thinking this week about summer holidays on the beach… soft white sand and turquoise seas with an occasional cool breeze… bliss! Well if you fancy bringing a little bit […]

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  2. Light up your Easter

    Light up your Easter

    We’re slightly confused as we always considered Easter to be the holiday of spring, with the trees starting to blossom and the birds returning from vacations in warmer climates. Well the birds might be back but the weather doesn’t seem to be improving one smidge. So it seems this Easter’s going to be much like […]

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  3. It‘s the little things that matter

    It‘s the little things that matter

    “It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Well ok, Sir Doyle might not have had the world’s smallest violin or miniature pieces of art in mind when he said that but it’s a great quote nevertheless and got us wondering […]

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  4. Swinging 60‘s

    Swinging 60‘s

    Have you seen the apartment that Don Draper moved into in last season‘s Mad Men?… It‘s pretty darn cool! Anyway, it got us thinking about how we could tastefully decorate our own more traditional and contemporary homes with a couple of treasures and trinkets from the 60‘s. Right now there seems to be no better […]

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  5. Revamp the lamp

    Revamp the lamp

    Let’s be honest, these lamps look a little cheap and although they aren’t too offensive at first they do tend to tire very quickly and become a bit dull. Well over the weekend we discovered a fun way to completely ‘revamp that lamp’ into something much more exciting. Behold… the hedgehog lamp! You’re going to […]

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