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  1. Getting your sofa bed around a corner

    Getting your sofa bed around a corner

    Fitting your sofa bed around a corner – it’s the nightmare scenario. Today’s the day. Your brand new sofa bed has finally arrived after weeks of waiting. But, it’s gotten stuck on route to your living room on a tight turn you hadn’t anticipated for. And, now it isn’t budging an inch. So, what do […]

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  2. Choosing the best mattress type

    Choosing the best mattress type

    Do you find yourself lying awake night after night, endlessly tossing and turning with no sign of relief? If the answer is yes, the culprit for your sudden bout of insomnia could very well be one thing that’s supposed to be giving you comfort: your mattress. Don’t get us wrong. It’s not uncommon to wake up […]

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  3. Top TV interiors we love

    Top TV interiors we love

    When we’ve downed tools at the end of a long and satisfying day, there’s nothing we like more than picking up where we left off with one of our favourite TV shows. After all, who can resist getting drawn into a good who done it, or will they won’t they? And let’s face it, when […]

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  4. Nautical style: get the seaside look

    Nautical style: get the seaside look

    On a recent visit to a friends home in Brixton, we were amazed to walk into what felt like a seaside retreat in the heart of London. Despite the wail of police sirens screaming by outside, inside our friends’ four walls the nautical inspired colour scheme and seaside themed accessories made the hustle and bustle […]

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  5. Blooming lovely floral cushions

    Blooming lovely floral cushions

    It’s beginning to feel like spring and as the sun is starting to shine, it’s got us thinking about flowers to brighten up your home this season. Not only can you enjoy the flowers of spring from outside, but you can also bring them into your home by adding feature accessories with floral patterns. So, if you’re a fan […]

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  6. Keep calm & clutter gone

    Keep calm & clutter gone

    When we found ourselves experiencing a rare alone moment recently on one rainy Sunday afternoon, we of course pounced on the opportunity to pour ourselves a nice steaming hot cuppa and fire up Netflix. And in the process of doing so, we stumbled across a documentary that immediately peeked our curiosity. Simply entitled “Minimalism: a documentary […]

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  7. Greenery: The 'IT' Colour Of 2017

    Greenery: The 'IT' Colour Of 2017

    Every year the authority on all things colour-related, Pantone, announces a symbolic colour that it thinks sums up the mood and atmosphere of the times. And this year, Pantone has gone on record to crown “Greenery” as the definitive colour to have in houses and homes for 2017. The colour of zesty limes, fresh spring […]

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  8. Create a handmade Christmas wreath

    Create a handmade Christmas wreath

    Creating a bit of Christmas magic is all about the personal touches, so why not start as you mean to go on by designing your very own Christmas wreath? After all, if you want a job done right, they do say you need to do it yourself! At Willow & Hall, we’re big fans of […]

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  9. Black interiors: chic or scary?

    Black interiors: chic or scary?

    When it comes to clothing, the colour black is always in fashion. Timeless, glamorous and elegant, you only have to picture Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to appreciate why black has such everlasting appeal. But with interiors, it seems to be a different story. Rather than be celebrated in the home, as it is […]

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  10. Home décor DIY tips from YouTube

    Home décor DIY tips from YouTube

    DIY can be quite a daunting prospect if you’re a first timer. But that doesn’t mean it’s off limits entirely. At Willow & Hall HQ, we love keeping our fingers busy with a crafty project, but even with the best of intentions, finding the time to indulge our passion is usually the trickiest part of […]

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