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  1. Our Best-Selling Sofa Beds

    Our Best-Selling Sofa Beds

    Sofa beds are our best-selling designs and for good reason. They’re the perfect way to make the most of your space. Whether you plan to use it every day or just to occasionally welcome guests. And, with so many options to personalise your sofa bed, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for your […]

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  2. Get ready for Christmas Guests

    Get ready for Christmas Guests

    If the festive period is less about being jolly, and more about juggling bodies in your household, then you’re not alone. Christmas might still be weeks away, but it’s never too early to start thinking about where you’re going to put everyone…which is precisely why we’ve compiled our expert advice to help you get ready […]

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  3. How To Style A Smaller Room

    How To Style A Smaller Room

    As space becomes more and more of a premium, it’s essential to know how to style a smaller room. But decorating a compact space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or comfort. With clever styling and furniture choices, you can still create a cosy and inviting space without feeling cramped. Here are some tips […]

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  4. Modular Sofa Beds

    Modular Sofa Beds

    Modular sofa beds are the ultimate choice for versatility and longevity. A modular design means the furniture is made up of different sections that slot together, in various ways. Maybe you only need a smaller sofa right now and would like the option to expand the size in the future. Choosing a modular sofa bed […]

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  5. How To Add An Ottoman To Your Space

    How To Add An Ottoman To Your Space

    From small to oversized, ottomans are the hidden gem that may be missing from your space. They create decorative interest, whilst providing versatility and a multi-functional space. You can use them for extra seating, space-saving storage, or as a stylish coffee table substitute. This often under-appreciated staple can really add a luxury feel to your […]

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  6. Buying a High Quality Sofa Bed

    Buying a High Quality Sofa Bed

    A sofa bed is a must-have for any home and making sure you’re buying a high quality sofa bed is important. Whether you want to optimise space in an apartment or just have the additional space to welcome friends and family. A sofa bed is versatile and can be one of the most hard-working pieces […]

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  7. How To Dress A Sofa

    How To Dress A Sofa

    A great sofa is the centrepiece of any living room. It pays to spend some time learning how to dress a sofa, making sure you’re creating that warm, cosy ambience for the heart of your home. The right styling can make a huge difference, not enough accessories will leave your sofa feeling bare and too […]

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  8. Tips for making guests feel comfy

    Tips for making guests feel comfy

    In Britain, we’re sticklers for good hospitality. Having houseguests come to stay is the ultimate test of our hosting skills – and our homes. After all, these fine folk aren’t just popping in for a brief cuppa, they’re staying the whole night! And who knows how long the next day too…. Hosting overnight guests is […]

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  9. How to future proof your furniture

    How to future proof your furniture

    If you’re a renter or a regular house mover, it’s vital to invest in furniture that’s future proof. So that any time you move home, your furniture easily adapts to your new environment. Just the same way you do. Whether that’s downsizing after the kids fly the coop, or relocating to a new area for […]

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  10. Top 5 Sofa Beds With Storage

    Top 5 Sofa Beds With Storage

    We’ve all been there. It’s hours before overnight guests are arriving and that de-cluttering you were going to ‘get around to’ is still halfway down your to-do list. Before you know it time’s up and your guests are (yet again) facing a night of room sharing alongside those piles of dusty DVDs. But, there’s a […]

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