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  1. Celebrate New Year’s Eve in style at a beautiful British venue!

    Celebrate New Year’s Eve in style at a beautiful British venue!

    We wouldn’t be British if we didn’t love 3 things; a cup of tea, fish and chips, and a good party. And no party is as big in Britain as New Year’s Eve, which offers a chance to let our hair down, make peace with the outgoing year, and welcome in a fresh new start. It also […]

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  2. Clean up in record time

    Clean up in record time

    For most of us, it’s fair to say housework isn’t something that tends to feature too high up on our to-do lists. But the same can’t be said for these Guinness World Record holders who have an altogether different view of domestic duties. Rather than shy away from cleaning, they’ve turned their efforts into a […]

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  3. Trend watch: TV-free front rooms

    Trend watch: TV-free front rooms

    There’s a classic line in the TV series Friends, when Joey asks, “You don’t own a TV? What’s all your furniture pointed at?” We have to admit, we think he raises an interesting point here. After all, up and down the country, in household after household, you’ll find living room arrangements configured around the TV. […]

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  4. Celebrating British Food Fortnight with Sunita Solanki

    Celebrating British Food Fortnight with Sunita Solanki

    From Michelin star restaurants to farmers markets, we really are spoiled when it comes to eating out, and eating well. So, what with it being British Food Fortnight, we thought we’d team up with our local foodie neighbour, Sunita Solanki, to share some culinary wisdom with you. Sunita, is a celebrated food writer, and founder […]

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  5. House moving causing a headache?

    House moving causing a headache?

    It’s no secret that moving house can be one of the most stressful undertakings we have to contend with. Just the prospect of having to pack up your whole life and start over is enough to make you want to stay put. So, we thought we’d seek out some advice on how to handle the […]

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  6. Game, Set, Match (your sofa)

    Game, Set, Match (your sofa)

    It’s tennis season here in the UK so while we unite as a nation to watch Andy M contend for the Wimbledon title (whilst simultaneously having an excuse to unapologetically gorge on strawberries and cream for a fortnight), we thought we’d serve you up a big juicy helping of inspiring British interior styling. This week, […]

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  7. It's Great, Britain.

    It's Great, Britain.

    As a 100% home grown British brand we’re more than a smidge proud of our little island we like to call home. So much so that when it comes to taking a break from handcrafting beautiful bespoke furniture, there’s nowhere else we’d dream of spending our down time than right here on home soil. Now […]

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  8. Proud to be British

    Proud to be British

    The Willow & Hall residence is celebrating today, and rightly so! Excuse our excitement, but today marks Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th birthday, making her our longest reigning monarch (a remarkable achievement we know)! In a recent survey, the Queen was voted one of the top reasons why people are proud to be British. With that in mind, for […]

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  9. Happy Easter from Willow & Hall

    Happy Easter from Willow & Hall

    Easter is just around the corner, and what better way to mark its arrival than with a decorative bunch of flowers. At Willow and Hall, we believe that flowers are truly the perfect way to brighten up your home, adding a touch of warmth, radiance and colour this season. With this in mind, we have […]

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  10. Willow & Hall chats exclusively to....

    Willow & Hall chats exclusively to....

    Last week, we sat down for an exclusive chat with London-based interior designer, Rebecca Hadley.  Rebecca is the founder and owner of recently launched company, Make My House Home, which offers interior design services. She uses her experience gained during her career at Selfridges and Urban Outfitters as well her degree from Central St. Martins […]

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